Sea breeze

Breathe in the air of the sea and the Mediterranean scrub, surrounded by greenery, enjoying the sun and the sea breeze under the fresh stone and chestnut wood arches in relaxing silence surrounded by the scents of the sea and the mountains


All the blue of the sea

the beaches near the Oasi Blu B&B in Calasetta, farmhouse with rooms

Cala Lunga beach

A few kilometres from “Oasi Blu” B&B, lies the evocative cove of Cala Lunga, (long cove). It takes its name from its shape, which makes it unmistakable and unique. A sea that sways from turquoise to blue to emerald green, white sand, high limestone cliffs, the wind doesn’t ruffle it, this is Cala Lunga, one of the treasures of the island of Sant’ Antioco

Sandy beach: yes

Rocks: yes

Services: kiosk

Distance from B&B “Oasi Blu”: 1 Km

Sotto Torre beach

Walking from the village, you reach it from above or from the panoramic road, even on foot in a few minutes, it is the enchanting bay that opens just below the imposing Savoy Tower. Small but to be discovered, ideal for long swims and sea walks, perfect for children to fully enjoy the sea.

Sandy beach: yes

Rocks: no

Services: Restaurant, beach umbrella rental, kiosk bar, pedal boat rental

Distance from “Oasi Blu”: 1 Km

Gli scoglietti beach

A short walk from the marina, you begin to see the beach, the sea is just around the corner. We call it informally “Gli scoglietti”, (the little rocks) where children have always played and made their first dives, it is where you go to contemplate a sunset or watch the boats and the ferry cross the sea. A place of the heart.

Le Saline beach

There are two ways to reach the same destination, the beach and its salt lake, behind it you can see seagulls and maybe even a pink flamingo. Pearl white sand, transparent sea, sand dunes and pines, the sea breeze and the scents of the Mediterranean scrub.

Sandy beach: yes

Rocks: no

Services: yes

Distance from the “Oasi Blu” B&B: 1 Km


Spiaggia Grande beach

It seems never-ending, it takes you up to the old tuna fishing spot, you shift your gaze and it offers a continuous change of scenery between stretches of white sand, tuff and granite rock, sand dunes, juniper trees and crystal clear waters that invite you to dive in. A paradise for everyone, nature lovers, sports enthusiasts, families and children.

Sandy beach: yes

Rocks: no

Services: umbrella rental, kiosk-bar

Distance from the Oasi Blu B&B Calasetta: 1 Km

“The enchantment of nature, the colours, the sounds and the scents of the island surround you”